The Icing Room 2015 Christmas Design and illustrated a house shaped packaging for The Icing Room's Log cakes. The larger pink box was for their standard log cake whereas the smaller blue box was for their corporate sales. The challenge we faced for this project was, how to design a packaging that can be sturdy when formed and flatten for better retail storage. After much brainstorming, trial, errors and mock ups. We managed to figure out the die cut and folds to create a practical, yet pretty cake box. We were also tasked to design and oversee the production of a pop up booth for The Icing Room for this festive season. It was the first time I illustrated a booth and it was designed to look like a gingerbread house. To make the booth more interesting, real gingerbread cookies were made and pasted on the wall.
Work done under: Breadtalk Pte Ltd
Brand: The Icing Room
Supporting Designer: Lee Siok Chin
Visual Merchandiser: Hui Xian
Gingerbread Cookies: Chef Yeo Xian Wei

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