The Teo Family - The Inflora @ Flora Drive A big family of five, the parents wanted to personalise the wall along their stairway with the family's zodiac characters, pets and favourite food. It was my biggest mural challenge yet, It took two full days to finish and consisted of seven colours, including a metallic gold paint! The father was born in the year of the dog (wolf), the mother a dragon, the eldest daughter a rat (hamster), the son a tiger (dressed in taekwondo outfit) and their youngest daughter a snake. Also included in the mural was their pet hamster, rabbit and food that meant something to the family. Like cotton candy a symbol of the parents wedding, the kids favourite tissue pratas, long ice creams on a cone from their korea trip and fishballs on a chopstick. It was nice to hear about what the family love, it gave me a better idea of how to compose their mural with all these elements that were meaningful to them. I'm really glad to be given this challenge and opportunity.

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