Stephanie Raphaela Ho (Muffinsaurs) has been passionate about drawing since she learned how to hold a pencil. As the creator of strange, amazing and sometimes odd things, Steph finds inspiration in daily encounters. In 2014 Stephanie published "The Adventures of Fatman & Superchub" under Math Paper Press, a comic that focuses on unexpected superheroes who do not give a cow poop about their weight and body image. In 2016 Stephanie Illustrated the book "The Island In The Caldera" written by Lin Xueling. The book is about how the two sisters face ferocious tree dragons, stinky giants, being hungry and tired, and still managing to survive. It is about helping friends, like a precocious talking cat, and reading lots of books. It is also a story about the amazing wisdom and beauty of Asia, where almost the entire book is based on real places in this region, real inventions by Asian scientists, actual Asian history and mythology. Stephanie's current ambition in life is to create works that would put a smile on people's faces and make them feel somewhat happier.
Lastly, she also finds it strange that she is writing about herself in a third person point of view.

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